Can We Talk About Skylines New Crackers?


I’m driving to work at the end of last week.  I had had a Chilito while I was driving the night before… so I plucked the single packet of Skyline’s famous Oysters Crackers out of the bag on the passengers seat from the night before.  I began to munch on the crackers, crumbs tumbling down my belly on the way to the car floor, when I noticed these crackers are actually filling me up; they’re buttery, they’re salty, and when I finally look down… they are YELLOW!

I assumed I had an “Over-cooked” batch, that my taste buds were just “off”, only to find out that the baker for these crackers had changed.  I’m not really interested doing a full breakdown of the differences of the crackers.  But what made the old crackers great was the lack of flavor, the nostalgia, and the dunking/inserting of hot sauce before your 3-way, Chilito, and Coney with mustard would arrive at your table.  Call me old fashioned, but I liked my Oyster crackers tasting like Oyster crackers, not butter flavored Doritos.

Kenyon Martin’s Son has Bunnys and is also like 20 Already…


Does UC have and inside track on this? If not we need to, K… P.S. I’m Back…..

Live look at me right now:


Can we talk about how much of a DORK Joey Votto is being at Spring Training


Joey Votto channels his inner footballer #TheRonaldo #RedsST

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Joey gonna Joey. #RedsST

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The King Votto chalk toss #RedsST

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It’s actually upsetting to me.  I need my #1 guy to be a boss, savage, and .330 hitter all wrapped up into 1, not a complete dink celebrating like a weirdo in front of like 6 fans at Spring Training in Goodyear, Arizona.  Like would you rather have and Anthony Rizzo (a boss btw), hitting at .275 or Votto at .315?  I’m getting to the point where I think the intangible leadership (Like Rizzo) is where the real value lies.  I need a leader, a pure savage, and someone that has an unquenchable thirst for Home Runs and Votto isn’t that, and until he is I’m not gonna look at him dinking around spring training as funny.  It’s really just weird.