And Here is a Step By Step Breakdown of Joey Votto’s Ejection Last night!

Here we go baby!  Love this fire, love Votto.  Something needs to get this team fired up and winning, becuase i have no idea how anyone can live with the fact that we win the first in ATL and then proceed to lose the following three games.  That is the one thing you just can’t do.  So lets get into it….

The Terrible first pitch called strike that started it all.

The rest of the at bat.

Starting to simmer, Helmet slam got my a little hard.

“What’d you say to me?(to pitcher)…You just pitch, I’ll hit (can’t lip read next part)….motherfucker.”

Votto just realizing that he has been ejected and went out to take infield all before finding out.  I guess you can say theis Votter has come to a boil!

Makes Contact with Ump, proceeds to subject himself to fines, suspension, and possibly lose his mind! And you know what I couldn’t be happier!

Go Reds!

The Least Likeley Trio Went Yard in ATL Last night in a Nice Road Win

Leake, Billy, and Tucker “rec specs” Barnhart all played longball last night in ATL as Leake dominated in 8 scoreless in Atlanta.  Hopefully this can lead to something known in professional sports as a winning streak, and even more so… some fucking road wins.  This is an excellent series to have on the road to build some momentum while we go into Pittsburgh after the weekend.  The braves are mediocre, and not only that, but they just got DEMORALIZED by the Nationals when they gave up a 10 run lead primarily to Dan Uggla, who they are paying 6MM to this season.  Let’s get a road sweep in the works and take care of business.

Go Legs.

Homer Bailey Out…Michael Lorenzen In

Homer is on the 60 Day DL/Out for the season.  Looks like he’s gonna need tommy john surgery that will obviously end his season.  So we might as well mentally prepare for the fact that we won’t see him until this time next year.  These guys always come back so strong after tommy john, that I’m not even worried.  At least we are suring up the back end of that shit deal that we signed Homer to before last season began.  He got Jon lester money.  I’ve just become a fan of “surgery first rehab later” rather than these guys trying to get rest, then rehab and rebuild the muscle, because it never works and they end up getting surgery anyways.

So now we’ll just have to see what Lorenzen can do.  Hopefully he and/or Iglesias will ball the rest of the season and this lineup wakes up because I really don’t want to have to watch another tank job when we should be competing (or at least our payroll says we should be).

PS- Is there any doubt that Walt Jocketty needs to be fired at this point?  We have traded away good players since we have had him calling the shots, got the shitty side of multiple trades, and signed terrible, over-inflated contracts to injury prone players.  And on top of that all, we cleared all of this cap space and still won’t be able to sign Cueto after this season.

Also  if price has anything to do with the reason he still is playing these shit bullpen players, he needs to get the can too.  He better be getting billy beaned into this shit by Walt.

Another day, another step closer to Barry!

Go Reds!

Bill Hamilton and Bruce Play Long Ball in 7-5 Loss to Cards


Well if you told me that we were gonna be 4-2 at this point I would’ve been ecstatic.  But the fact of the matter is, losing to the Cardinals at our yard hurts like a bitch.  Not only that, but we skipped a rotation spot to pitch Cueto on 5 days rest and lost that game in a pitchers dual on Saturday.  Then we come back on Sunday, battle hard take a 2 run lead after 7 and then Jumbo comes in and blows that lead in the top of the 8th.  This early in the season and we can’t find a guy to lock down the eighth.  Like every single time we have needed a guy to shut that down this season (like every game) that guy has given up big runs.

Positives:  Chapman is the best pitcher in baseball.  Frazier, Votto, and Hamilton are producing and we have been in every single game we’ve played.

The bottom of the lineup HAS to start producing.  Byrd, Meso, BP is doing okay, and Bruce needs to keep hitting bombs.  I like the way Price has been managing thus far, but we have to keep that fire like a bunch of fucking outlaws that nobody respects or it’s gonna be a long ass year.

Now for tonight, we got Lester and the Cubs @ Wrigley and it’s almost a must win.  I wanted to call Sunday a must win.  After a devastating loss to the cards Saturday i thought we needed to bounce back with a series win.  With any team that has championship pedigree the team has to learn how to keep 1 loss from turning into 2 and into 3 or so on.  It’s just a fact and we have yet to prove it.  This is our first adversity of the season and i want to see how we handle it.


Question of the day: why is Kylie Jenner wearing a Reds Shirt?

This always confuses me.  It’s not like the hat, where people will just rock Cincy hats all the time, but a shirt? Now that’s like an intentional act to demonstrate fan-hood.  But while she doesn’t know ANYTHINNG about sports I need to share the fact that this adolescent smoke is wearing a Reds jersey tee and spreading the love!

Former Red, Josh Hamilton Relapses on Cocaine and Alcohol and His Whole Season is In Question

Josh Hamilton has been summoned to New York for a meeting with MLB officials. 

NY Daily News–  Josh Hamilton, the slugging outfielder who seemed destined for baseball stardom but has been repeatedly sidelined due to substance abuse, was summoned to New York to meet with MLB officials Wednesday about a disciplinary issue.  A source told The News that Hamilton — whose struggles with crack cocaine and alcohol have been well-documented — suffered a cocaine and alcohol relapse. According to, Hamilton told MLB about his relapse. His father-in-law, Michael Chadwick, reportedly said Wednesday that Hamilton has “hit a bump in the road, keep him in your prayers.”

The Los Angeles Times reported that the Angels are preparing for a possible suspension.

Let me first say depending on the severity of this relapse etc.  this is very sad and unfortunate for Josh and his family.  But how did this not happen sooner?  Isn’t LA the coke capital of the world next to Miami?  When he accepted a contract in So. Cal. we always knew this was a possibility.  And the problem with addicts is that, they can’t just go have a drink or two, once they have a taste they can’t stop, imagine how shitty that must be.  LIke he just has to go about the entirety of his life without the help of drugs and alcohol, it’s just a sad situation.  When he was with the Reds and also with the Rangers he literally had to have a person designated to follow him around/be near him and make sure he wasn’t sneaking off to do drugs.  That’s insanity.  Just imagine that.

I’m not gonna pretend to know how Hamilton deals with his addiction or feels on a day to day basis but I am VERY curious to see if the Angels have some type of clause in the contract that mentions a relapse.  Maybe they can get out from under the guaranteed money that they owe him, because to be honest he wasn’t worth the money when he was clean for the Angels, he definitely isn’t worth it when he’s battling a drug addiction. Let’s just hope everything works out for the Angels and Hamilton and maybe the Reds can scoop him back up at a 90% discount.

Fingers crossed.

The Buckeyes Thought Everyone Forgot About the Ass Kicking of Alabama, Proceed to Realease Video To Rub It In


1st class video here.  Nothing like a good ole fashioned shit smear all over Alabama’s face.  Hey the SEC is the best conference in college FB? Welp, here’s this video to remind you what happened when our best went against your best. Bragging rights are the most amazing thing, you have like an entire year to just shit all over everyone and they can’t say anything at all about it.  Gotta respect it.