I know It’s Late, but I Gotta Weigh In On the Bengals and the Thursday Night Game


One of the worst games I’ve seen the Bengals play under the current regime, with Dalton and AJ Green.  There are so many things to touch on in this game and this season up to this point.  First of all, the Bengals were inflated when they were being told by everyone that they were the best team in the NFL, after beginning the season 3-0.  I was one of those people saying that.  I truly believed that they were one of the best, if not the best, team in the NFL not only at that point, but going forward.  Obviously the injury train has plagued us in the first half, but we defied the odds by starting 3-0 and were supposed to get HEALTHIER (exceptions Marvin Jones getting more hurt, Eiffert on the designated to return list) With that being said, you should be able to SCORE SOME POINTS on the road against the Colts, even without A.J. when you have Mohammed Sanu (an absolute beast/#1 receiver on many teams in this league) as well as the likes of Bernard and Hill in the backfield.

When you see embarrassments like the beat down at the hands of the Colts (0-27), struggling against Jacksonville (33-23) at home, and a HOME ass beating by the Browns (3-24) you can ultimately point to two things.  First and foremost coaching, and secondly Quarterback play.  To me, I think ownership in the past has gotten the brunt of the blame for situations like this, and it may have been justified, but the pieces I see in front of me on the field are not what I would consider a poor job by the front office and ownership.  What I saw on Thursday night, was a Team that was completely unprepared to play football and a quarterback that is NOT mentally tough.  The winning mentality, the mental toughness you see from the games best quarterbacks (Brady, Rodgers, Ect.) are aspects and qualities that are partly carried by the Individuals but also instilled by the coaching staff.

I think far too much value was put on Dalton winning the Rose Bowl when he was drafted.  The front office thought, here is a guy that doesn’t have the strongest arm, but can make the throws, has nice touch/mobility and can stay strong in the big moments.  I think a lot of that was true, but I think that Dalton is ultimately to soft to be playing in the system that he is in.  They need to either build a system around the strengths of Dalton or find a different quarterback.  Dalton belongs in the type of system that Chip Kelley is running in Philly.  Short, high percentage passing plays to get the offense going, lots of deception, motion, and reliable pass catching backs with more speed and quickness.  You don’t need a Tom Brady or ELITE quarterback to win with this team right now and going forward, you need an “Alex Smith or Russ Wilson” type QB.  A guy that does not turn the ball over, a guy who doesn’t throw picks on screen passes, a guy who doesn’t throw more pick 6’s than TDs in a game, a guy who can still effectively run the read option if not better.

I could not agree more about the philosophy that defense wins championships, after all is it really a philosophy at this point?  It seems pretty clear it’s the way to win a championship.  This defense, even with the senior citizens in the secondary, has the ability to dominate games still.  The only flaw with them is coaching.  WHEN THE BENGALS WERE WINNING: The Bengals were rushing 5 men all the time, exotic blitz packages, stuffing the running, holding teams to field goals if they even made it to the red zone.  WHEN THE BENGALS ARE LOSING: Now it’s like they haven’t watched film since the bye week. You knew going into Thursday that the Browns are a top rushing team in the league. Why? because they have a slew of good backs, a mediocre QB that they don’t have ultimate trust in, and great Defense.  So what should the Bengals have done in that game?  Make the Browns one dimensional.  Stack the box, stuff the run, make perennial Pro-Bowler Brian Hoyer beat you.  ESPECIALLY on a night when their top two guys who can stretch the field on you (Jordan Cameron and Josh Gordan) were not active for the game.

I don’t even know where to begin, because its a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation with Andy Dalton and the Quarterback issue.  He is capable of winning you games in this league, you don’t really have another option if you want to win this year and right now, so I’ll lay out how things could go positively going forward.  Here is the remaining schedule for the Bengals at (5-3-1) (2-1 in the AFC North):

bengals sched

@ Saints: This is not one of the great Saints teams we have seen in the past.  Run the football, force some turnovers, blitz Brees, Dalton has to have a good game to get a win.

@Texans: Commit to stopping Foster, the quarter back will be Ryan Mallet in the second start of his career.  Winnable game.

@ Bucs: They suck, but the NFL is crazy, and guys will be playing hard for roster spots next year.  Has the makings of a trap game.

Steelers: They are inconsistent, their Defense is terrible, but they can ball on offense, have to contain Big Ben and force some sacks, turnovers, and eliminate big plays by allowing him to get out of the pocket.  We will have to score a lot of points.

@ Browns: The browns are much improved as much as it hurts me to say.  But their best win of the year was on Thursday night against an unprepared, shitty, Bengals team and game plan.  Could go either way, but should compete on the road.  Also should be healthier going into this stretch.

Broncos: We will get fucked if we are playing poor football going into this game, but If we are playing well and can play physical defense it will be winnable.

@ Steelers: To be honest, they way the Bengals play the Steelers home or away doesn’t really matter, actually I think we play better in their yard, this could mean a lot for the division.

A list of notes and observations in no particular order:

*I’m worried about Burfict and not only this season, but for his health and career, needs to have better technique when tackling.

*Eiffert coming back is fantastic, we have only seen him utilized under Hue Jackson for about 1 quarter of football.

*Gresham is terrible. People rave about having two TEs that can make plays, but we don’t.  He drops balls he shouldn’t, talks shit to everyone when he/we aren’t even playing well, is SLOW AS SHIT, and has some of the worst ball security I’ve ever seen.

*Gio and Jeremy being back together healthy will be a huge boost for us.

*Geno Atkins looks like he’s playing at 75%.  And it shows against the run, the interior isn’t holding anyone back.

*I really like George Iloka.

*I don’t think it is good for a team when the #1 receiver knows he is better than the Quarterback that is throwing him the ball.  Packers and Patriots players thank God for the opportunity that Brady and Rodgers are throwing them the ball. AJ and Sanu are shaking their heads at Dalton, they don’t hold themselves accountable like they should.

* As bad as Dalton was on Thursday, the recievers dropped a lot of balls including AJ and its disheartening to see.

* The Benagls are still in the absolute thick of it to not only win the division but make a run at one of the best records in the league.

Go Bengals!


Shia LeBouff Tells one of the funniest stories I’ve Ever heard.

Legitimately getting on everybody’s most reckless level.  Did some rando just ask him to party while they were sharing a cig, and he was like fuck it, “let’s go”? so incredible.  I know its a cliché but this is the type of guy you want to have a beer with, no, a double whiskey.

LeBron are you kidding me with this shit?


Last time I checked, bron was a Browns fan. I’m so confused, has there ever been more of a bandwagon fan? It’s no wonder that that shirt and hat he’s wearing look like he just bought them 5 minutes before this picture was taken.

“My cowboys” get the fuck outta here with that.

PS- I said that the Cowboys were gonna win by 10 yesterday at least and I was close and they gave Seattle 17 points off turnovers. Seattle over-rated, the Cowboys are winning the NFC east and may have a shot at the bowl, pending romo in December and Brady in February.