Jameis Winston will enter the NFL Draft, be next Cincinnati Bengals Quarterback


Chalk it up. Jameis is going to be the next bengals QB, and personally I can’t even wait another second. Let’s get training camp started now! Jameis threw 25 TD and 18 INT and was accused of rape, theft, and just being immature. So that’s the perfect storm to be dropped toward the end of round 1 or possibly out of the 1st round altogether. You’re going to tell me that if Jameis is there when the bengals pick, that we won’t take him? Well actually since Cleveland is in front of us forget everything I just said. But trade dalton for a pick or two and call it a day.

Kevin Durants birthday shout to his brother is laugh out loud funny!


Perfect. I’m all about showing respect for your siblings and all, and you always get into some shit together, but when one of the most vivid memories you have from your childhood is when u walked outside in the mud with some new Jordan bred 11s so you could show the whole neighborhood how you was fresher than they was, then your older bro stays up all night and cleans them shits with a toothbrush, that’s gonna make me laugh out loud. Loved it. Like that moment to KD, was like remember when I got arrested and you came and bailed me out of jail before mom and dad could find out? To white people. I love America.

Kate Upton is back!!


I was so fucking convinced I was an ass man and then this shit comes out for the SI swimsuit that has been shooting for the last few months set to release in 2015. Making me go back on my word, turning me into a liar. Remember when Kate Upton had lost it and was getting fat and gross and the fappening happened and all that? Neither do I anymore because of those big supple pillows floating in the water like life rafts. Kate upton is back baby!

Shit Storm brewing in Cincinnati Reds Front Office today, Latos Involved… (UPDATE: Alredo Simon to Detroit)

I hated hearing about Latos, it lools like he’s gonna move, way more real than the Cespedes Talk, deal in the works according to @kenrosenthal.  This is because I think the Marlins don’t have much to offer, so this is a payroll move and maybe get some good prospects? Maybe?  But when I heard that the reds may be trading more than one starter today, it made me happy.  Sure pitching is important, but my god we need some hitting and to cut some cap space.  So i’m guessing it’ll be leake for some more hitting, maybe get a big deal done.  Maybe iglesias, the Detroit short stop.  Sorry for this blog not making any sense I’m trying to get back to twitter and monitor the situation.

We need pitching PROSPECTS if we are gonna give up both of these guys.

We got Alfredo, cueto, cingrani, bailey and that’s about all folks.  Gonna be interesting.  Need bullpen help.  PLEASE DEAL JJ HOOVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE: Alfredo Simon to Detroit, getting back Jonathon Crawford and Eugenio Suarez a #1 RHP prospect and .242 23 yr old SS.  Maybe give him some PT instead of Cozart.  With Cozy you know what you have.  Suarez is 23 and already hits for the same average in his first season, lets give it a shot.  Crawford is a back end starter that is possible to develop or could throw him into the bullpen, move Chapman to rotation, just outlandish theories on my part, be we’ll see.

Rate this Pete Rose Sketchers Commercial

Is it embarrassing that Pete Rose is doing Sketchers commercials? Not at all.  How many hall of famers are doing shit like this? None? Like Pete isn’t even in the hall and he’s putting a beat down on Sketcher Relaxed Fit Shoes.  Love it.  I mean Joe Montana was doing these commercials, does that take him out of the top tier QBs of all time? Hell no.  We got Joe Theisman over here doing prostate commercials and shit, and now people think getting money is embarrassing?  Na, pete is about that Guap and banging his hot young Asian wife.  Need stuff like this in my life.  If anything this puts a bug in the new commissioners ear that he needs to let Pete the fuck into the HOF.  Like Bud Selig is gone, now let the man into the hall before he croaks having some kinky sex with his young ass wife!

Pete!!!! HOF last century 2015!