Attention to anyone with a heart/brain!!! This is the cutest thing you’ve seen all day!


In the words of a basic bitch: Yaassssssssss

Ps- that and a peace sign with their hands is the most basic thing you can do, yet now all basics are saying they aren’t basic which is making them basic. It’s the circle of life. Sorry about that, this dog is cute AF!

The BOSS’s Long Awaited Take on the DeflateGate Situation.

Let me first say that I have waited until I felt it was an appropriate time to weigh in on this deflategate situation that has been an absolute whirlwind and constantly developing story.  This story is 1000% pure bullshit.  I have been hazed by salty Jets, and Seahwaks fans about deflated footballs various times in the last week plus.  This story came out of thin air, there is NO evidence, and after internally auditing the situation, the Patriots are now going for the neck of the NFL.  Demanding apologies (above), shitting all over Goodell, shitting on reporters, shitting on the media.  And I, for one, could NOT be happier.  Now I’d like to do a chronicle of sorts of what has gone down in the last week or so:

-Mark Brunell cried about the footballs:

-The argument that Bill Belichick HAD TO KNOW because he’s the best coach in the league is the worst argument in history.

-The people on the Patriots, Tom especially, just feel the balls and say “feels good” or “doesn’t feel good.”  THAT”S IT! Why would anyone outside of an equipment manager know numbers of air pressure to put in? They wouldn’t, I’m not sure an equip. manager even would.  ITS SUCH A NON-ISSUE!!!

– NFL is trying to redeem themselves from the Ray Rice/Adrian Peterson incidents.  Leaking fake stories, dragging the process out, not calling Brady at any point.  They want this to be handled the RIGHT WAY.  Get the fuck out of here and spare me the bullshit.  Mortensen and Schefter are fucking sucking the NFL’s dick and their anonymous sources who have nothing on the Pats.

-The NFL brings up footage of a locker room attendant “possibly tampering with the footballs” while he actually went into the bathroom for 90 seconds.  Where he definitely had enough time to deflate 12 footballs exactly 2 PSI.

– Are the rest of us all smarter than reporters? Just a question.

-This is squashed, ESPN is trying to keep it going, but I’m watching media day right now and there has been like 5 questions about deflategate and I don’t think the public gives 2 shits anymore, it’s just ESPN, trying to drive ratings and basically using propaganda to determine what people care about rather than reporting what we actually want.

-BREAKING:  Tom Brady just said, ” We have a lot of good looking guys on our team.” And he could not be more right.

-I would ride to the gates of hell on a chariot captained by Brady, Belichick, and Robert Kraft.  I would kill for them, I would go to battle with them.

-I thank God every day for making me a Patriots fan.

That is all I have, to properly write about this issue in one piece and with all the sources and links attached would literally take days, so I wanted to lay out my thoughts.

I will be in Arizona for the super Bowl so expect to see a whole clusterfuck/mixture of live updates and pictures, and videos of me partying with Gronk after we win the superbowl/coverage/a preview here on

Jameis Winston will enter the NFL Draft, be next Cincinnati Bengals Quarterback


Chalk it up. Jameis is going to be the next bengals QB, and personally I can’t even wait another second. Let’s get training camp started now! Jameis threw 25 TD and 18 INT and was accused of rape, theft, and just being immature. So that’s the perfect storm to be dropped toward the end of round 1 or possibly out of the 1st round altogether. You’re going to tell me that if Jameis is there when the bengals pick, that we won’t take him? Well actually since Cleveland is in front of us forget everything I just said. But trade dalton for a pick or two and call it a day.

Kevin Durants birthday shout to his brother is laugh out loud funny!


Perfect. I’m all about showing respect for your siblings and all, and you always get into some shit together, but when one of the most vivid memories you have from your childhood is when u walked outside in the mud with some new Jordan bred 11s so you could show the whole neighborhood how you was fresher than they was, then your older bro stays up all night and cleans them shits with a toothbrush, that’s gonna make me laugh out loud. Loved it. Like that moment to KD, was like remember when I got arrested and you came and bailed me out of jail before mom and dad could find out? To white people. I love America.

Kate Upton is back!!


I was so fucking convinced I was an ass man and then this shit comes out for the SI swimsuit that has been shooting for the last few months set to release in 2015. Making me go back on my word, turning me into a liar. Remember when Kate Upton had lost it and was getting fat and gross and the fappening happened and all that? Neither do I anymore because of those big supple pillows floating in the water like life rafts. Kate upton is back baby!