Shia LeBouff Tells one of the funniest stories I’ve Ever heard.

Legitimately getting on everybody’s most reckless level.  Did some rando just ask him to party while they were sharing a cig, and he was like fuck it, “let’s go”? so incredible.  I know its a cliché but this is the type of guy you want to have a beer with, no, a double whiskey.

LeBron are you kidding me with this shit?


Last time I checked, bron was a Browns fan. I’m so confused, has there ever been more of a bandwagon fan? It’s no wonder that that shirt and hat he’s wearing look like he just bought them 5 minutes before this picture was taken.

“My cowboys” get the fuck outta here with that.

PS- I said that the Cowboys were gonna win by 10 yesterday at least and I was close and they gave Seattle 17 points off turnovers. Seattle over-rated, the Cowboys are winning the NFC east and may have a shot at the bowl, pending romo in December and Brady in February.

Got a real love hate sitch goin on with the European Ryder Cup Team right now


Hate: that the USA cannot figure out how to beat these fucks on our own soil, let alone in Scotland, Justin Rose, Europe kinda in general.

Love: THOSE FUCKING BLAZERS! Rory, graehm, and the Ryder cup rivalry.

But it’s all about the USA starting tonight/tomorrow and Rickie’s haircut. USA, USA, USA!!!


Ps-wouldn’t be surprised if I had this haircut by Saturday.

Reason 45897315 I hate 99.9% of Cops

Let me preface this with the fact that I have multiple relatives, loved ones, and friends that are police officers and I respect the work that they do to benefit their respective communities.

This is fucked up.  Reach calmly for your license and registration and take 4 bullets to the hip/stomach.  Just despise how blatant this racial profiling was.  Holy shit.  Cops always take things so over the top seriously.  Like why do so many people get pulled over for speeding to begin with? The fact that I don’t have the right to NOT wear my seat belt anymore makes me so fucking sick that it hurts.  State police and legislation just said, “to hell with the constitution” and put in all these fucking bullshit rules.  Oh, whats that? I can’t text and drive, but Cops are allowed to type short stories on their LAPTOPS while driving down 71, get the fuck outta here.  It’s not like we can do anything about it either, because the response is always, “you elect these politicians to make laws and represent you” well guess what all of them are pussies and give in to societal pressures and the pussification of America.  We are so fucking soft as a community with these bullshit problems, when the real issue like blatant racism are still so prevalent in the south and other places as well.  For every story like this though and shit experience with cops, there is always that one time you had a run in with the cops and the officer was an absolute G.  That one time always kinda makes up for the several shitty ones, probably because it is so much more rare.

Not a Good Look for Obama Here

Is this even kosher? Why would you do this? I’m not gripping a latte with two fingers anywhere near my face, i dont know where the rookie move came from, maybe he just felt that buttoning his jacket was more important.  Who knows?  At the end of the day tho, he still is getting chauffeured around in Private luxury choppers and I’m writing a blog, so Obama- 1, me-0.