Some Guy named “The Foot Doctor” Is turning all of our Bengals’ Players into Machines/Marshawn Lynch

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I’m not an expert on player development and training.  I don’t claim to be.  I don’t know if running into little agility ladders and hoops etc are going to make you into a pro-bowler.  All I know is that if you can get Jeremy Hill, who is an absolute beast/rock/bowling ball + the quickness of a hummingbird = Marshawn Lynch. It’s as easy as 1+1!

I can not wait for week 1!!!

Drake Dropped His Meek Mill Diss Track: Charged Up

“No woman ever had me star struck, or was able to tell me to get my bars up”


Your girl (Nicki Minaj) is more powerful, famous, and rich than you are.  And you are also obsessed with Nicki because she is the best you’ll ever have.

Really a decent comeback track from drake, but it def had a feel of wanting to say something but also defuse the situation and not make a big deal out of it, kinda felt like he was backing off. I guess you gotta keep your best ammo in case meek comes back at you with something fucked up later.

Wasn’t it drake that got meek super on the map?  I’m not saying that he wouldn’t have made it, but I think Amen Ft. Drake was his coming out party.

I can’t explain enough how much I Love Mohamed Sanu being our #2 WR

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This is what studs do.  This is what leaders do.  And by the way Mo has been busting his ass all off season getting ready for this season.  You come into camp (Friday) in better shape, and more confident than anyone else at camp.  Preparation is the best way to play confidently, and by default, play great.  Not to mention, this is a huge year to help the team win, help himself get a PAID (he’s still on his rookie deal making $590K per), and help Dalton not look like an idiot.  We are blessed to have a legit #1 receiver catching passes in the #2 WR role.  Dalton better take full advantage, because I’ll tell you one thing, a #2 with this talent won’t stay on your team as a #2 getting paid like a #2 forever.  It’s just how the biz works.

Reds Trade Johnny Cueto for Three Lefty Pitchers

KANSAS CITY — Finally, after almost a day of speculation, the Royals completed a trade for Reds right-hander Johnny Cueto.  The deal was announced during the third inning of the Royals-Astros game on Sunday: Cueto and cash considerations to the Royals for left-handers Brandon Finnegan, John Lamb and Cody Reed.  Cueto, 7-6 with a 2.62 ERA, could help shore up a rotation which has wobbled much of the season through injuries and ineffectiveness. Last week, the Royals lost left-handed starter Jason Vargas for the season due to an elbow injury.

Wellllllllll, I actually don’t hate this.  I think we definitely need more pitchers, more top tier pitchers.  I have a lot of mixed emotions about this so, why don’t I just list out a few bullet points of why this makes sense.

#1- We have no lefties, so we just got 3.  I’m thinking add 1 or 2 of them to the rotation, develop 1 into a bullpen guy.  Our #1 weakness is bullpen.

#2-We were never going to be able to sign Cueto, and I think we got his best years.

#3-We have so many pitching prospects, that we can use as trade chips in the off season.

#4- Their ages are 22, 22, 25, and one of the 22 yr olds (Brandon Finnegan) is ready to start this season to see what he has.  Fastball, change-up, low to mid 90s Velo. I just watched a little tape, has an total CJ Wilson look and feel, with his delivery and stuff. And the kicker is, he has Postseason experience… not a lot, but some! See 1:50 below:

The whole “what about bats? What about hitters? What about defensive players?” >>>

I think we only need maybe 1-3 legit soon to debut prospects to put into the system.  Which I think we might be able to get from chapman, leake, bruce trades if we make them.  But to be honest I haven’t thought that our offense has been the issue.  The big problem was Bullpen and maybe a little inconsistency with the starting rotation.  You just need to add maybe 1 bat and get healthy. Let’s take a look at prospective 2016 lineup and where we need an upgrade:

LF–Marlon Byrd*/ Prospects

CF-Billy Hamilton*

RF- Jay Bruce* (hopefully he gets traded)

3B- Todd Frazier*

SS-Eugenio Suarez* (if he cleans up the errors also he could be a 2nd Base prospect if BP ends up moving) or Cozart

2B- Brandon Phillips*

1B- Joseph D Votto*

C- Mesoraco/barnahart/pena (hopefully mesoraco 90%)

So our biggest question marks for me are LF, RF, Catcher, and SS. And if we can get some more healthy competition and maybe some leadership this team can get it together really quickly.

I’m really gonna miss Johnny.

Days Until Training Camp…

People who know me know that I am actually one of the most optimistic fans around, I give the Reds hope, I Give the Bengals hope, I rationalize every shitty thing that goes on, hell I still think Johnny Manziel has a future in this league.  With that being said, I will say this about the Bengal’s upcoming season:

I look at this upcoming season as one of those open-heart surgeries that takes about 12-15 hours.  And training camp is the part before the surgery starts where they tell you you have a 50/50 shot at making it through the operation.  Sure there is a chance that the grind and the talent of the players (surgeons) will get you through the season, but there is also a good chance that something goes terribly wrong (Dalton).  I guess we’ll just have to see if we make it out on the other side.

Who Dey!

Cincinnati Police Investigating Bro That Ran on the field last night, on the Charge of “Silliness” (VIDEO)


(Cincinnati)– “CPD investigating Reds’ game ‘silliness,’ seeks arrest”

Cincinnati police say his self-created visibility is helping them.

“Sure this kind of thing helps,” said Sgt. Greg Lewton of the Cincinnati Police Department. “It’s just like when a guy goes and robs a bank and posts it on his Facebook. This is silliness.”

Lewton said that an investigator is handling the case and that he expects a misdemeanor warrant to be issued in two or three days.The man then continued running toward the center field wall and appeared to flip his cell phone onto the terrace grass, beneath the batter’s eye. The man then jumped up on the wall and climbed over it, landed in the grass, and appeared to pick up his cell phone as he headed up the grassy hill. Quickly turning to his right, the man jumped the railing and then turned left, then ran out of sight down the concourse.A few police officers appeared in sight but did not come close to stopping the man. Some Twitter reports had the man running out of the park, then down by the Ohio River at a walk, then running again.

Okay let’s get one thing out of the way first.  Worst selfie video of all time or worst selfie video of all time?  Thank god I didn’t pony up millions nothing to obtain this video.  If you aren’t gonna get Billy in it, the least you can do, is at least a little spin from the outfield to show everybody the view from out there.  Just be better.  *also where is the selfie stick?*  Just a terrible video thru and thru, and on top of that, now you’re giving the cops a line of finding you.  And how about CPD investigating this bro for “silliness”?  Like if you’re gonna put out an arrest warrant for the guy you at least gotta act like it’s a big deal and not just call it “silliness”.  But overall,  sometimes you just gotta let this shit go.

PS- It sucks when this is the best thing that happens at Reds games anymore.

Local Bro Ran On The Field In Cincinnati Tonight, Hopped up in Center Field, and Got away with it!!!

I was told by a source at the game that the “Local Bro” started the adventure on the third base line, ran  into center, tried to high five Billy Hamilton, was promptly denied said high five, while this was happening was taking video of the entire encounter and then tossed his phone up onto the turf below the batters eye.  Hopped the wall in center, picked phone back up, hopped the other two little tiered walls, and escaped out the gates under the power stacks.

INCREDIBLE!  Bro if you get wind of this blog (literally no chance of that happening) let me get that video up outcha, need the first hand video, need it.

Love the BS attempt by the usher to stop the perp in the second video.

Captain of #TeamDadBod, Johnny Cueto is Putting a BEATDOWN on the Weightroom in Between games Right Now!

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Johnny smiling for the cameras * cough* i mean potential suitors for his services *cough*.  Lifting weights, wearing baseball pants, while repping Team Dad Bod.  Honeslty, I’m kind of over the whole dad bod thing because girls don’t want you to be fat, so they should stop lying about it.  But truth be told, if “Dad Bod” was in the dictionary, Cueto’s picture would be right next to it.  Never see elite athletes this out of shape.  While fat football players have to be fat to add weight, Cueto just has an utter, blatant disregard for cardio, and I couldn’t be more proud.  Makes me miss him, even though we have him for another week.

I really can’t get over the baseball pants.  Don’t you have unlimited access to the best shorts and sweats that Nike has to offer? Johnny must just have terrible legs.  It’s like that guy who wears a shirt in the pool, just a bad look.

I’m gonna miss this guy so fuckin’ much.  It’s the end of an era.

Cincy Kid Kyle Schwarber, Ripped my Heart Out not once, but Twice Last Night.

Links since none of these videos will embed in this page for me…ever.

Just went absolutely HAM!  I was at the game and this is from recollection, not me looking at stats, so don’t kill me if this is wrong:

He singled.

He RBI Doubled to deep center.

He hit the game tying 2 Run HR in the top of the ninth.  (J.J. Hoover can get the fuck out of town on July 31st, who’s with me?!?)

*Proceeds to keep losing his mind*

He hit the game-winning HR in the top of the 13th inning. 

He got blowjobs from every cubs fan in Cincinnati last night (I made that last part up).

All while being behind the plate on a hot humid day….for 13 innings.

Cincinnati would have it no other way than to lose, but not just lose… have a local kid do it to you!!! I mean you can’t make this shit up.  Thom Brennaman was so depressed last night that he was actually starting to root for the kid and the city over the Reds.  I think the guys in the booth are having a tougher time than the players and that’s real talk.  They have this optimistic attitude all the time and have to call and watch all these games, but they don’t get to throw helmets, drop f bombs, or have any ability to affect the game.  Must be tough.

Pray for Thom.

Great News! Devin Mesoraco is back!

Hey just for your information, Reds Instagram account, this isn’t a happy sighting.  Something about seeing what was one of our core players unable to walk without crutches In a picture makes it all real now.  Before I was just naive, I knew Meso was hurt but it wasn’t quite real because I hadn’t seen it, but now it is.  This just makes me miss Meso even more than I already did, and that super violent swing of his.  

Hey it’s all good if he hits .350 next year!

Go Reds!