Why Were Drake and Serena Sucking Face in My City Without me finding out until yesterday???


Just making out at Sotto, cool as a cucumber, just stealing yours truly’s #1 move.  Can’t even justify how I didn’t know about this.  I was out of town last weekend, Drake was in town, Serena was obviously in town and no one made me aware, I didn’t have a spine tingling feeling that there was something going on right under my nose.  Drake X Serena is more star power and publicity to come to the Queen City than the fuckin’ all-star game!  Do people just not give a fuck about either of these two?  I saw like 2 tweets from all of Cincinnati on this shit.  This is the most inadequate I have ever felt about blogging.  I mean I’m over here churning out Pulitzers and I couldn’t tell there were monster stars creeping around in the Boss’s City.  Just a Sad Sad day over here.

But more importantly, my notes:

If you wouldn’t fuck Serena you’re a liar.

Drake is getting rather burly with those relationship LBs.

TMZ Reported that there was 11-12 other friends dining with them.  Was this some sort of fucked up orgy? I mean these two we just shy of full out fucking.

Send me tips any way you know how.

Here is somethin’ extra:

Barry Larkin is Allegedly being Slotted as the Next Reds Manager!

(FOX Sports)-– Larkin would face no such conflicts if he became manager of the Reds; it would be the equivalent of Ripken taking over the Orioles. Larkin, a native of Cincinnati, spent his entire playing career with the Reds, from 1986 to 2004.Talk at the All-Star break that Larkin could replace Price before the end of the season proved unfounded. But Larkin in recent months has surveyed former Reds teammates about whether they would join his coaching staff if he became manager, sources said.The Reds are in a period of transition, “rebooting” with younger players. The recent trades of pitchers Johnny Cueto and Mike Leake and outfielder Marlon Byrd were the first steps in that process. Chapman and Bruce could be the next to go; the team is expected to revisit the possibilities of moving them this offseason.The question for the Reds then will become if they want Price to remain their manager through such a phase, or if they prefer a fresh hire. Larkin, who managed Brazil in the most recent World Baseball Classic and currently serves the Reds as a roving instructor, would be the obvious and perhaps only choice for a new manager.

Let me first start by saying this article was brought to you courtesy of Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports who absolutely knows his shit.

Now: I am so fuckin’ pumped about this possibility (probability).  Back after they fired Dusty, there were rumblings that Barry was gonna take over reported by Buster Olney (ESPN if you’ve been living under a rock for your whole life) but the word was that he needed some more time before he was ready to take the plunge into managing.

He spent some time as an analyst for ESPN much like Buck Showalter did for ESPN (Orioles manager now) and got a different [coaching] perspective of the game.  Now, Barry is Ready.  I know that Price still has another year on his deal, but you let me and a few of my buddies into the ballpark for a night and we will drink enough beers to pay for the last year of his contract, so there is just no excuse not to cut our losses and fire price.  He never deserved to take the reigns on a playoff caliber roster and nobody respects a guy who has never even played at the major league level.  Barry, is a complete 180.  He’s smarter, has more balls, he’s a HOFer and ding, ding, ding, knows how to HIT and win CHAMPIONSHIPS!

I hate being an advocate of firing a guy, but I am a firm believer in taking quick and firm action when there is a problem.  You don’t make progress by accepting mediocrity.  Bring Barry back!  Barry of Bust!

John “Black Sheep” Lamb Making his Debut Tonight for the Reds… and onto 2016!

Just made that name up on the spot.  My brain is just a treasure chest of creativity.  But that’s not the point.  The point is that we are getting the debut of a pitcher that is a Lefty (Bonus) can still touch 96 MPH on the gun (Bonus), but most importantly replaces Michael Lorenzen in the rotation who had  a 5 trillion ERA in his last 10 starts.  I mean the guy legit would’ve been giving up hits to little league players.  95-97 Velocity doesn’t do shit if it’s straight as a fucking arrow.  So let’s hope that John “Black Sheep” Lamb can make a difference and show that he should be in the rotation for next year.

Eventually it’ll just turn into “black sheep” like i won’t have to plug it into the middle of his full name.  I think black sheep is the odd one out of the family and shit, but whatever it was the best i could do with the 5 seconds of brainstorming that i did.

Ben Roethlisberger came into camp fat as shit.

I’m not sure if this is a good or a bad thing for us.  Like on one hand he’s fat as shit and looks more out of shape than I’ve ever seen him.  But on the other hand, he’s already fat and super hard to tackle/sack and throws a good ball, so this is only gonna upgrade his value.  But regardless, he’s gotta be #1 in the fat athlete club.

Mike Leake just got traded in the wee hours of the morning to the Giants for….. More pitchers

It’s a sad day/whatever 1:00 am is.  Mike was a beast, was going to be our sole “veteran” pitcher and now he’s gone for, you guessed it, more pitchers.  Are we going for a strategy in which we just acquire every pitcher in the MLB to where other teams just won’t be able to play because we have all the pitchers? Cuz that’s the only thing that makes sense at this point.  I’ll miss mike, I thought we could have afforded to keep him and pay him, but we got some prospects and now we are looking to the future with a billion 5 star pitchers and an all star lineup. Onto 2016!!! Yayyyy!!!!!

*UPDATE*: The deal was for 1 Righty Pitcher and 1 Infield Prospect.

The infield guy sucks.  He’s got power, but he hits .276 at Triple A and when he played with the giants at the end of last season, he hit .192 so we have that to look forward to.

Let’s play 2 Truths and a Lie, featuring your Cincinnati Reds!!!

Cincinnati Reds

Find out which one of these is a Lie:

The Sky is Blue.

The Pope has been killed.

The Reds beat the Cardinals….in a series… on the road.

You guessed it the reds beat the cardinals in a series! pope has been killed.

That seemed a lot funnier in my head, but in all honestly we are actually at the point where if someone told you the reds took 2 of 3 from the (first place) Cards on the road you would laugh in their face, you’d spit out your drink, you’d call them a liar.  It’s gotten to that point!  But luckily behind Joey Votto hit one billion (.550) since the all-star break and bruce heating up with some timely hitting, the reds just played an extremely sound series.

The worst part of it all, is that it feels like we should have been playing like this all year.

Here is the Video for the UC Police Shooting…and this is the last time I’ll talk about this

I would say graphic, viewer discretion advised, but its really not that graphic, but still fucked up nonetheless.

This cop was being an asshole, trying to escalate the situation for no apparent reason.  How many times do you have to ask the guy if he has his license for Christ sakes?  Obviously after the first three times you can reasonably say that the guy doesn’t have a license.  Ask him to stay put while you run to the cruiser and run his name and information etc.  It’s not that hard! Hell, call for backup if you really think your life is “at risk”.  This situation was escalated and turned into a shooting/murder based on something that never should have been an issue in the first place.  Just a sad day for the University and the City and the Family of DuBose.

But this is supposed to be a funny/sports/pop culture website, so while I not only want to cover this, (I also feel obligated to do so because I love this fuckin city) I also feel like I shouldn’t cover this story into the ground like FOX 19 or WLWT would.  But you can bet that if something new develops the best take on it in the city will be by yo boy on cincybossports.com.

*Mic Drop*

Cincinnati and UC Preparing for Potential Riots After Shooting During Traffic Stop by UC Cop

Tensing Ray photo

CINCINNATI (FOX19) –  The University of Cincinnati’s Uptown and Medical campuses will shut down at 11 a.m. Wednesday ahead of an announcement about the deadly UC police shooting of Sam DuBose.All classes at 11 a.m. and after that time are canceled. Campus offices will also shut down, according to the university.“This decision is made with an abundance of caution in anticipation of today’s announcement of the Hamilton County grand jury’s decision regarding the July 19 officer-involved shooting of Samuel Dubose and the release of the officer’s body camera video. We realize this is a challenging time for our university community,” read a statement from UC Police Department.

This is so fucked up.  It’s that simple.  We have a black man (Sam DuBose) stopped by the Univeristy of Cincinnati Police officer (Ray Tensing), off of campus, and for the reason of having no front license plate.  In the legal world they call that a pre-text, essentially a reason to pull someone over that you are legally allowed to do, but the officer has ulterior motives (searching for drugs, DUI, etc.) and racism can come into that.

Alegedly DuBose pulled away and the officer feared for his life (bullshit) and then shot DuBose, killing him.  The video from the body camera the officer was wearing is supposed to be released today!!! Word on the street is it can only be released after he is indicted, and I’m hearing he will be, today, on the charge of Murder.

Bottom line is, is that many police are protecting and serving, but there is also a point where cops are not understanding how much their actions are impacting the people that they “screw over”.  Cops have so many protections, I see cops speeding all the time, texting and driving, typing fuckin novels on their laptops! They don’t understand that when they write me a 200 dollar speeding ticket that that might impact my ability to put food on the table.  People budget out like all the money they make, is you sitting in your car shooting me with radar worth my inability to pay rent in full or save the amount that I need.  And on a much larger scale, I don’t think all of them understand the impact of their actions and the power and consequence of their weapons.  I pray for this whole situation to be handled with justice… video comes out soon.

Pray for Cincy!

Drake Doubled down on Murdering Meek Mill: Back to Back

I honestly don’t think i can write the “ooomf” that this record/freestyle packed.  The best thing you can do it listen to it 3-5 times in a row.  It’s not long and there is so many fiiiiirreee lines, that you pretty much have to listen to it multiple times so that your brain can retain all of it.  Well done. I was starting to like Meek too, but as far as I’m concerned he’s dead.

RIP Meek Mill