I think today is the proudest I’ve been to be a Reds fan all year

Absolutely gold caption.  Now that’s a team I can get behind! Just getting kicked out of the league for refusing to shut off the ole beer taps. Beautiful.  That’s what being a Reds fan is all about.  Drinking and moral victories, that what cincinnati does! But in all seriousness, imagine a world without ballpark beers and Sunday baseball, that my friends, is a world I do not want to live in.

Red’s Announce that Bryan Price Will be Returning as Manager and We’ll Have To Wait another Year for Barry

MLBTradeRumors– 2:53pm: GM Walt Jocketty has officially announced that Price will return next season, according to C. Trent Rosecrans of the Cincinnati Enquirer  (Twitter links). Decisions on the Reds’ coaches will be made in the coming weeks.

9:44am: The Reds plan to keep manager Bryan Price for 2016, Bob Nightengale of USA Today tweets. Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports reported earlier this week that the Reds were considering retaining Price, although changes could be made to his coaching staff.The Reds have suffered through an ugly 63-97 season and are currently in the midst of a 13-game losing streak, and Price himself attracted headlines earlier this season for a profanity-laced tirade directed at a reporter. They also finished just 76-86 in 2014, Price’s first year on the job.

Right off the bat (see what I did there?) we need to talk about the fact that the reason Price didn’t get fired was because it wasn’t his fault that the Red’s stunk.  That’s the reasoning the the front office used when deciding whether to fire him or not, saying he wasn’t the one that traded all of our players away at the break.  Well NEWSFLASH! This team wasn’t even going to sniff the playoffs if we have everyone and were completely healthy.  This team has little to no chemistry, doesn’t have the right mixture of players to be successful, and doesn’t have a manager with 1 Trillionth the ball sack that Barry Larkin has.

Maybe it’s me personally, but if I had a rotation completely composed of rookies and the youngest team in the MLB besides the Cubs, then I think I would want a leader and manager that knows what it takes to be an elite player at the highest level (Larkin) and not a guy that never played major league baseball (Price).  Plus far and away the weakest part of this team is chemistry and hitting both of which are going to be MASSIVELY improved with a young energetic HOF’er calling the shots in the dugout.  Overall an extremely discouraging decision by the front office to keep Price on board.

Hire Barry or Bust!


Barry Or Bust.jpg


Johnny Cueto with some Weird Selfie game because only former Reds are interesting to blog about right now! 

Has there been a pudgier elite athlete in the world than Johnny Cueto and Ben roethlisberger? Cueto is making the cut for first team all pudgy/fat elite athletes squad. And just bed selfies.  I love this guy so much, need this guy back in the nati immediately. 

Happy Birthday Pacman!

In honor of Pacman’s birthday lets do a little rewind of all-time Pacman moments:

Pac puts Amare Cooper in his place:

Pacman was ballin out so hard at the strip club that “Outside the Lines” made a Special about it.  And the narrator saying, “A popular strip club ritual called making it rain”

When Pac decided to give WWE a try:
And let’s not forget what he can do when returning punts and shit:
Not that great of a video, because he didn’t house it, but it had Dan Hoards voice on it and it was the most HD video I could find.
Seems like this guy never loses a step even though he old AF.  All in all happy bday Pac and Who DEY!

Does this Look Like the Face of a Guy Who Was Pissing in the Parking Lot of the Norwood Frisch’s?


Cincinnati–  A man was arrested in Norwood on Wednesday afternoon after an officer, patrons at Frisch’s and children walking home from school saw him urinating in the corner of the restaurant’s parking lot, according to arrest records.Jeffrey Fife, 26, who is listed as homeless, was arrested and charged with public indecency and disorderly conduct at approximately 3 p.m. in 4700 block of Montgomery Road.Police said Fife was intoxicated, staggering and had slurred speech when officers approached him in the parking lot, records state.Fife was transported to the Hamilton County jail after the incident.

Welp that’s Nor(H)Wood for ya!  Just pissing on Frisch’s and gettin’ caught by children.  Really hope i never see this guy!

So Pacman Got Fined 35K for Slamming Amare Coopers’ Head into his helmet and now he’s in a Instagram Battle with Some Kid

After getting his letter from the league about his fine:  35 RACKS, Racks on racks on racks!


A video posted by @realpacman24 on

Then gets a DM from this kid:
Then proceeds to put 15 yr old kid on blast:
I don’t even know what to say about this.  But point #1 is that NONE of this is a big deal and this kid is acting like Pacman murdered his entire immediate and extended family.  But this is a bullshit fine, and ESPN and the Media keeps saying, “the Refs didn’t see it” but I’m looking at THREE FUCKING REFS staring directly at the incident that took place.  So let’s cut the bullshit and acknowledge that this is yet another case of the NFL bringing down punishment due to public perception and outrage, not by what the standard procedure is.

Adriel Jeremiah Green Just got PAID 4 Years/$60 MM


Bengals and WR A.J. Green agree to a long-term contract extension. (via ESPN and media reports)

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We had to take care of him, but there is something to be said about a receiver that’s playing in a contract year, because now he’s gonna tweak that turf toe again and instead of getting back ASAP maybe he takes an extra week or two to heal up when we really need him.  I hope that’s not the case because I fuckin’ love AJ but it’s just reality in this game and with AJ’s injuries in the past.  Prove me wrong baby!


Buy a Shirt!

Adriel Orange.jpg


Bruce Willis Is Coming to Cincy to Film a New Movie

(Cincinnati Business Courier) Bruce Willis will star in a new Hollywood film that will be shot in Greater Cincinnati.  Christopher Meloni and Dave Bautista will star alongside Willis in “Marauders,” a thriller directed by Steven C. Miller produced by Emmett/Furla/Oasis. Production of the film will begin later this month.  The film follows an FBI agent on the trail of bank robbers who give their stolen loot to charity. Willis plays a bank owner whose secrets are revealed throughout the investigation.  Greater Cincinnati Film Commission executive director Kristen Erwin Schlotman said the group is excited to host another major film in the region and more details of the production will become available in the coming weeks.

Cincinnati making moves again. First the Serena Commercial and now this! Might as well be Hollywood 2.0.  There are 2 movies coming out in 2015 alone that had filming locations in Cincinnati.  The one in the winter with Don Cheadle about miles Davis and the other one last fall that Kate Blanchet (spelling) starred in (both being released in the coming months at film festivals).  This is just a really dope city and the only reason people don’t get to see that is the fact that it’s in the mid-west and moreover, Ohio.  Anything that gets people talking about the town is a bonus. Plus who doesn’t love a little star power living in town for a few months or whatever it is?  I wouldn’t mind running into Bruce Willis getting a cup of coffee in Hyde Park, but that’s just me.